The Quotes that Defined My 2014

I’ve got a thing for quotes.  This past year, I’ve read a lot of words while trying to validate how I felt, who I was, and what I was doing. The last 12 months have been about giving up, letting go, moving on, and going back. It’s never been a straight path. Hell, I’m not sure if there even was a path. I’ve just been kind of wandering around a forest, hoping that I’m going in the right direction.

When I read a quote that hits me in the moment and encompasses everything I’m feeling, I save it. It’s kind of like a diary of pretty pictures and wise words, better than anything I could have written. Quotes also remind me that someone has felt what I’m feeling, or gone what I’m going through, once or twice before.

Because the last 12 months still don’t make sense to me, I thought I’d pull out some of the quotes I saved during moments when I needed them the most. They tell a pretty interesting story.

This is my year as defined through the words that resonated with me (in chronological order, of course).

When I tried to make sense of my feelings




When I let myself hope that things would be the way I wanted


When I gave up a chance at not being alone


When I needed to rationalize what wasn’t logical



When a ‘thank you’ wasn’t good enough



When it was time to give it all up



When I needed to accept the truth



When I needed to see the truth



When I had to remind myself to let go of what I couldn’t change



When I listened to my gut and broke the rules



When I let myself be me



When I was at my worst



When I was at my best



When I found my voice again





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