DIY Shelves from Baseboard Molding

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My kitchen has been under renovation since late April, so besides a barrage of questionable men and a whole lotta dust floating around my house, there have also been a lot of scrap pieces of wood and carpentry supplies kicking around. You know me, when a DIY creative project is thrown in my face, I just can’t turn away.

Ever since I started collecting make-up, hair products, perfume, nail polish, and other things that usually come in tiny bottles, I have noticed a lack of shelf or drawer space in my bathroom. Let me correct myself – there is no shelf or drawer space in my bathroom. All my things are precariously shoved in the cupboard underneath my sink or on the little counter space I have. Or on the ledge of my bathtub. Or on the floor. Yeah, it’s pretty bad. And let it be known that I’m 22, so that means about 10 years of “beauty” supplies have never had adequate storage. Yes, it’s taken me 10 years to figure this out.

So what does one do when one needs bathroom shelves and one has an abundance of old baseboard molding sitting in one’s garage? Let me show you.

DIY Shelves with Baseboard Molding

I went for the vintage look with these shelves. I sanded down the paint and painted a chevron pattern on a piece of plywood screwed to the back. Painting the chevron pattern was probably the hardest part – next to hand sawing 7 pieces of wood. I used painting tape, which took me forever to lay out perfectly, but some paint seeped through so I had to carefully fix the white edges with a small paintbrush.

I haven’t hung these shelves up in my bathroom yet, but I’m hoping to soon! My tiny bottles need a home!


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