October 2012 Update

Well hello there!

It has been a very long time since I last posted here. I guess school and other things have gotten in the way! But I thought it was time I gave everyone an update.

I am decently pleased with my course selection this year. Aside from a one questionable prof, and one course with an obnoxious reading list, I am really enjoying everything! One of my english profs Dr. Mackie is absolutely hilarious. He says the most outrageous things, one student suggested he start a Twitter account. Another one of my classes is American Policy Making and it is ridiculously interesting. I knew I was an election nerd before, but now I am actually learning what it all means. Like seriously, you don’t want to bring up American politics with me – I probably won’t stop talking.

On the job front, I am working as Director of The Point for UBC REC, as you probably know, because REC is like 70% of my life. I am loving it all, just like I expected to. The bonus of the job is learning really cool and useful new things like writing html and CSS. I’ve also had to learn a lot about social media marketing. But the thing I am learning most is how to be an effective manager and leader. Having a team of my own wasn’t a natural feeling for me. Making sure everyone is on task and doing work through their own liberty and passion is so far my biggest hurdle. While I hate the idea of being a nag, sometimes I have to be.

Things I am excited about:

– I ordered a new laptop!
– Taylor Swift’s new CD comes out in 2 days!
– Carving pumpkins for Halloween!


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