Finally Raincity has transformed into SunCouver. Our city, once a sea of summer enthusiasts hiding beneath wide brimmed umbrellas is now a parade of shirtless beach goers with crisp red lines denoting unprepared sun exposure.

Dear Lord Stanley, our summer is here!

There was a day last week, Wednesday or Thursday, where one of the most shared items on local social media was a picture of the long-term forecast. Yellow bulbs dotted the chart with highs that would illicit bare legs and bare arms. But the city, though excited, was doubtful. When the weekend rolled around and the sun still shone warmly all day, Vancouver became #SunCouver and the rain was forgotten.

A day spent at Spanish Banks on Sunday showed the true reality of a Vancouver summer. By 12:30pm, parking was almost a lost cause. The tide was out, the wind was light, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Barbeques were lit, frisbees were tossed carelessly through the air, and children and dogs alike were literally frolicking in the shallow tidal pools.

The glorious view of the city towers and the North Shore mountains stood in front, tarnished only by the smoggy filter of Siberian wildfire smoke. The only complaints came from the hung-over portion of our party, who quickly passed out under a tree.

When Sunday came to a close, we were exhausted and dreading the upcoming workweek. I was left with a horribly uneven tan (burn) line that I wanted to fix asap and my air conditioned office was not mixing well with my summer wardrobe (finally digged out of the caverns of my closet). I wished I had had the foresight to plan a convenient stay-cation for this week of spectacular weather.

My summer bucketlist is starting to look more realistic, except for the part where money is involved – an unpaid internship doesn’t exactly pay for the $200 parasailing trip I’ve been dying to take off Grouse Mountain. My lunch breaks are being spent at Coal Harbour or English Bay, I am tasting the delicacies of Denman Street, my Grind count is climbing, beach days are being planned, and evenings on the patio are daily.

SunCouver, you are welcome to stay as long as you would like.


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