Spring Art Series – Quote Painting

I know it is not technically spring anymore (happy summer!), but I am going to continue on with this art series for the time being.

This week I had the inspiration to try something I have seen a lot on Pinterest, which is using stickers to paint words on a canvas. So I made a trip to Walmart and returned with a $5 bag of alphabet stickers. I then had to decide what quote I wanted to use. This was tough, but I ended up with “everyone has a story”. I chose this because I believe every does have a story. Even though it is easy to judge someone right away, it is important to remember that they have a story, either bad or good, that has shaped them into who they are. It is something I like to remind myself of often.


I decided to paint my canvas a textured mix of reds, pinks, purples, yellows, and oranges. The colours combined remind me of delicious guava juice! Yum.


I then placed the stickers on and fiddled around with them until I had them placed the way I liked. I chose to paint over them in white. What makes this project so easy and fun is that you can choose any colour combination you like. You could pattern your colours, keep it bold, use a photograph, anything! Some people like to leave their lettering white or black.


Like the last project I did with lettering, the white paint seeped under the edges of the stickers a little. In the end, I actually liked this rough look and have embraced the flaw! Cheers to embracing flaws, eh? Wooo!

I also left the edges of the canvas red using scotch tape before I put on the white. Using it like painter’s tape works pretty well, except for a some minor seepage. Again, I embraced it.

So there you have it: “everyone has a story”. I still have quite a few stickers left so I will probably try this again. Unfortunately, the pack only came with two “y”‘s so I will be limited. (That is also why I didn’t write “everybody has a story” – lame).

So question is…

What’s your story?


What's Your Opinion?

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