There’s a New Cook in the Kitchen

For the next three weeks I will be one with my kitchen. Well, I should rephrase. For the next three weeks I will be eating horribly, burning food, and creating unmanageable messes in my kitchen.

My parents are going away. Cue Jaws theme. Cue cheesy horror movie theme: “Dah Dah Daaaahhhh”.

This will be me, except I would never cook meat loaf.

My cooking skills extend to this one time when I was 12 I made Chicken Cordon Bleu from scratch. I must remind you that it was a big event; there were even pictures taken.

Really loving the harsh center part and dyed hair in this picture.

Also love how my shirt is buttoned all the way to the top.

Besides that, I’ve really been keeping it in the pasta department. But now things are about to change. I’ve found some recipes, I’ve gone grocery shopping, I’ve moistened my taste buds, and I’ve even acquired a taste for feta cheese and mushrooms (not together). Simply said, I’m the next top chef.

I will keep you all updated on my fabulous, or more likely, disastrous cooking over the next few weeks. If you see flames or smoke around the Grouse Mountain/Edgemont Village area, call 911.

I will also be making pancakes like this:


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