Spring Art Series – Pet Portrait

Yesterday and today’s painting project has been a pet portrait. Inspired by Manda’s Art Studio, I decided to paint a life-like portrait of my dog, Maggie, onto a solid colour background.

Since I am pretty brutal at free-handing stuff, I searched the gallows of my computer to find the perfect picture of Maggie’s upper half. I then printed the picture in size 8×8 (the size of my canvas), cut out her body, and used the empty shape on the original paper to trace the outline. I made indicators of her general nose, eye, and ear region, and then decided on the background colour.

I originally wanted to use a colour I had that I didn’t have to mix, in case I screwed up, but what is life without a challenge? I made a very nice lavender colour with white and purple and brushed it evenly over the canvas. I tried so hard for there not be visible brush strokes, but I guess that takes practice.

I then ended up with this:


Then I retraced the shape again, this time with a sharpie. After, I painted the blank shape over in white paint, just ’cause.

Then I made a tiny boo-boo. Not knowing I had a dab of white paint on my thumb, I held the canvas and made a lovely white finger print right on the front. By the time I took my thumb away the paint was dry and I made a very audible curse (of course cursing that I had washed out the container with the lavender paint and would have to somehow remix the colours to get the exact same shade.).

Some very frustrating colour mixing ensued until I forfeited and repainted the entire thing in a close enough colour. Oops!

From there on out is was pretty easy sailing. Using the picture helped enormously and I was actually surprised how life-like the final product looked. I originally wanted a more cartoony look, but I’ll take this instead. Even my mom, the toughest critic around, was happy with it.



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