Spring Art Series – Tiled Landscapes

Today on this horribly rainy day, I decided to sit down and do a little painting. Literally, a very little painting.

I bought 4 3″x3″ square canvasses at Opus on Lonsdale just last week, thinking they were very cool yet I had no idea what to do with them.

Then I was reminded me of an idea I had a few months ago of that image you see when you are a passenger in a car looking out the window and since you’re going too fast to focus on one thing, the colours of the outside are blurred into horizontal lines.

The one thing I am finding continuously with acrylic painting with Buzz canvasses, is sometimes if I don’t use a generous amount of paint, the tiny squares of canvas show through the paint as it doesn’t seep into all the nooks and crannies. Usually I don’t notice this until after the painting has dried and therefore it is tough to fix it while maintaining a nice look. I think I will have to start using gesso on top of the already gesso’d canvasses to fix this problem.

Best part of my weekend? My parents paid me $50 to dig out a big vine on our back fence. Opus, I am coming.


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