Spring Art Series – I Love NY

Every spring/summer I get a massive injection of creativity. I think that it is my mind and body’s way of signalling that I can finally relax and have some fun. Last summer, because I worked in an art gallery and was surrounded by art 40 hours a week, I was never lacking inspiration and ideas – this summer it’s been tougher.

My first art project of the season was pretty simple, yet I am quite pleased with the outcome. One thing you should know about me is I tend to be an “experience hoarder”. I may have just coined that term, but what I think it means is that I collect little trinkets or souvenirs from different experiences I have. For example, I have kept every movie ticket stub I have seen since 2003. They are packed away in one of my drawers.

When I travel, I keep all my ticket stubs to museums, business cards to restaurants, plane tickets, concert tickets, etc. When I came home from New York, with a tiny bag of ticket stubs in tow, I wanted to incorporate them into an art project. Unfortunately I didn’t make a picture-by-picture step of what I did, but I’ll lay it out.

1. Bought 8×8 stretched canvas from opus

2. Using acrylic adhesive, I pasted the little souvenirs on the front of the canvas, a bit haphazardly. I also through in a left over $1 bill I had. Why not?

3. One the adhesive was dry, I painted a thin layer of white over the entire canvas.

4. The toughest part was this: I wanted to paint the “I <3 NY” logo on the canvas, but new I wouldn’t be able to free hand the text. I print out an image sized 8×8 and carefully cut it out with an exacto knife, making a pretty sketchy stencil.

5. I taped the stencil onto the canvas as tight as possible to keep the paint where I wanted it to be.

6. I then carefully painted the letters in black by brushing away from the paper edges from all angles.

7. When it came to painting the heart, I wanted to it be translucent so you could see the cute MetroCard glued beneath it. I made a watery red colour and threw in acrylic gloss (the same thing I used as adhesive) so the heart would dry shiny. Again, I painted from the edges in.

And voila! There was some bleeding around the stencil edges but I actually like the effect it makes. What’s underneath the paint you ask? 1 ticket to the Jersey Boys on Broadway, 1 ticket to Chicago on Broadway, a fortune from a fortune cookie, a MetroCard from the subway, a $1 bill, a cut out from the Evita Playbill I picked up outside the theatre, 1 train ticket from Washington to New York, a business card to Da Marino’s Italian restaurant where we saw Big from Sex and the City, 1 ticket to the top of the Rockafeller Center, and an admittance button to The Met.


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