Hey remember that time Queen’s cancelled my trip to France?

I will not be eating sorbet on this promenade anymore.

Apparently due to first a lack of registrants, and then a lack of registrants in each course, Queen’s-Blyth has cancelled my much antipicated June trip to France where I was going to share picnics at sunset beneath the Eiffel Tower, hike along the French Riviera, shop in Italian markets, see the beaches of Normandy, and blah blah blah all the other amazing things I was looking forward to, while studying 20th century history.

It took me 3 months of searching to find this perfect program, and I registered in January, so this trip has been a very long time coming. Luckily I had not booked my flights yet, so at least there is one positive.

What makes this whole situation worse, is that I had my heart set on going away in June. I like to think I can be a flexible person, but when it comes down to things that a) cost a lot of money b) I really really want, my easy-breezy attitude flies out the window. Now QB has given me until April 15th – a whole 5 days! – to tell them if I want to change my program to the Italy program or cancel all together. Italy is amazing, it’s awesome – but I’ve already been there twice and have literally seen and done everything on the trip’s itinerary. My friend Coreen so bluntly said, “You won’t even want to take pictures!” She makes a good point.

So my other option is to – in 5 days – find another study abroad trip that a) goes somewhere I want to go b) is reasonably priced c) offers courses that interest me d) goes in June so I can work July and August. It sounds easier than it looks. There are a lot of program providers out there that offer SO MANY programs (one of the problems), but I have searched and searched and searched and I cannot find one that works for me. The closest thing I’ve found: Eastern Europe in 4 weeks for $7000 studying managerial accounting. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT IS!

Oh yeah, I must also do this in between studying for two final exams.

Right now I am feeling incredibly disappointed, stressed, sad, and frustrated. Though I was pretty nervous, I’d been looking forward to this trip for 3 months. I have been saving up for this trip in a special bank account since I was 15. I was given euros for my birthday. I’d taken out countless books out of the library on France. I’d read about the history of France. I’d spent hours online researching excursions, flights, train trips, everything. And now…

Needless to say, I am not getting much studying done and could really use a big giant bear hug.

Au revoir.. I guess.


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