I Ain’t Afraid of Nothin’ Anymore!

Almost everyday this week a different friend updated me with their life through their blog. It made me realize that I have not posted on here since my apparently one sided rant on Halloween. Now, since it is my day off and I have an assignment due tomorrow, what better time is there to update my blog!

Since the beginning of the month I have been in a very self-reflective mood. Maybe that is me being self-obsessed, or maybe it’s because of the new year, but whatever the reason, I have really taken the time to think long and sometimes hard about me and my life.

Quite a few things have really happened for me this month. My friendships with people present and people geographically distant have remained strong. Perhaps my new iPhone and my Fab 10 nationwide plan is helping with that. Also, weekly skype dates, long talks, and social gatherings on and off campus have encouraged me to connect more with the people in my life – and keep my circle of friends growing!

My month kicked off with the Welcome Back Retreat (which was really a retreat to Buchanan A) for UBC REC. The inspiration from this one night still hasn’t worn off, even almost a month later. We were presented a video about the program and how awesome of an experience we are having, and it was the first time in a long time that I managed to get a little teary eyed without “Best Day” by Taylor Swift playing in the background. Above all, it really made me appreciate everyone I work with for all the hard work and time they put into the program and how tough it is going to be when many of them graduate at the end of this term. Don’t even get me going on that.

But while my passion for REC is growing, my passion for school seems to be dwindling. I’m starting to rethink my decision to be an English major, as none of my English classes really thrill me. However, when the thought of somehow switching to another major enters my mind, I remember how badly I want to be an English teacher. And the only way I can do that is to be an English major. So life goes on and I must make the best of it. Goooo Shakespeare!

Most recently, aka last weekend, I registered to study abroad in France in June for 3 weeks. It’s a program called Queen’s-Blyth Worldwide, and I will be studying War and Peace in 20th Century Western Society. What better place to learn about this than the beaches of Normandy and the Palace of Versailles? I would also love to travel to Vimy Ridge, which is not included in the program, to see the battle fields and Canadian monument there. We will be spending 5 days in Paris, 14 days in Villenfranche Sur Mer (next door to Nice and around the bay from the Italian Riveria), and 1 day in Chantilly. From there, I can travel wherever mon petit coeur desires! (It’s obvious I have to work on my French as I had to use Google Translator for that.)

I have been saving up to travel for quite some time now, so it’s pretty cool that this idea has come to fruition! Best part is I get 3 credits towards my degree. YAY me!

Hopefully I will get a chance to update my blog in the next month as I have some exciting news that I am not yet ready to profess to the world. Well, okay. I’m Pregnant! Just kidding…. Yeah, my mom’s not laughing.

Because I have been playing around my new iPhone’s camera and instagram, here are a few photos I have taken in the past week. Warning: Hipster Alert.




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