Halloween At Home

It is currently 7:27pm on Saturday, October 29th. If you’re reading this now, you’re likely not going out for halloween tonight with 99% of the twenty-somethings out there.

As you meander through your facebook page (because there really is nothing else to do), you begin to feel a kind of hollow, regretful, remorse. Picture after picture, status after status, people are live-facebooking their crazy, “bibliocal-porportioned” halloweekened. And just for a minute, you worry that you made the wrong decision to stay home.

But there is one thing to keep in mind. We are the 1%. We are the 1% of young adults who don’t find waking up in your friend’s bathtub covered in puke “fun”. We are the 1% who don’t think the crazy night before was worth waking up in your friend’s bathtub covered in puke. We are the 1% who feel awkwardly uncomfortable dressing sluttier than a stripper, even if it is just for one night. We are the 1% who find watching movies in your pajamas and carving pumpkins on Saturday night more fun than dancing to house music in a club everyone secretly hates. We are the 1% who will wake up nice and early on Sunday morning, bright eyed and ready for an amazing day! We are the 1%. We may not be a majority, by any means, but we count.

I will probably lose a few friends/followers over this blog post. But, let’s be serious, they’re probably too drunk right now to even read.

And if you are going out tonight, please be responsible. Don’t do anything stupid. Don’t pee at the top of a hill. It’s just not classy.


3 responses to “Halloween At Home

  1. Randomly came across this, hence my commenting on your post in January. :p
    While I agree with some of what you said. I think it paints a limited picture of Halloween and people.

    I went out on Halloween, no I didn’t get drunk, yes I had fun dancing the night away! Ppl who live an in between life exist too. Your post creates the idea that life is binary, either this or that. Grey’s exist. ;)

    Maria :)

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