How I Love October!

I was just out walking my dog on this brisk autumn night when I realized how much a really love October. It’s not too cold, but cold enough, and when the sun shines, it warms up like summer time! The trees are orange and pretty and even the streets are colourful with fallen leaves. I know those last few sentences sounded like a cliche poem by a twelve year old, but it is true!

It was foggy tonight, but through the fog you could see the slightest glimpse of stars. The night smelled like chimney smoke and soggy leaves, the kind of night when you smell it any other time of the year and it reminds you of Halloween.

Okay that sounded like the opener to a short story by a twelve year old.

I swear I am better than this!

But anyway, let’s get back to the story…

When I was done enjoying the evening outdoors, I came inside and carved my pumpkin. I tried a new design that I’d never done before (I do this every year!) and even searched the house for some sweet tools that would make my pumpkin even cooler. I found a lemon zester and a screw driver and they worked like charms! Now my orange, snaggle toothed cyclops is staring at me from the kitchen counter.

But let me tell you, spending time outside enjoying lovely October, carving pumpkins, and writing blogs about said experiences, is really an amazing way to procrastinate. I wish I was currently writing a blog about finishing my assignment on the summary-of-tendencies-in-scholarship-on-T.S-Eliot’s-The-Waste-Land. It’s a horrible assignment and a horrible one to explain to people so I will leave you guessing.

I also wish I could tell you that I am super prepared for my in class essay/midterm on Tuesday for 18th century literature. I really wish I could say that, though I haven’t even cracked a book yet, so it’s very far from the truth.

But then, the night grew darker and inside my house the only thing keeping the light alive was the glow from my computer screen and the dim street lamps outside. I sudden heaviness behind my eyes alerted me that sleep was near and my bed was waiting. I said, goodnight October, goodnight moon, tomorrow will be tomorrow, and I will see you again soon.

Wow. That was corny. My apologies.


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