Why You Need To Start Using Twitter

You may have heard of this thing called Twitter. If you’re really smart, you may have heard of “tweeting”, or as my parents would say “twittering”. But, let’s face it, if you’re not one of Twitter’s 200 million users, you are currently living under a rock.

Twitter, otherwise known as the SMS of the internet, allows you to tweet 140 character messages to your followers. Your followers may be your family, friends, businesses, celebrities, or research organizations. It is a direct way to connect with almost any topic in the world. Ever been confused when @john_smith appears somewhere? Or when people start speaking of #fail. Yes, that’s Twitter my friends.


You most likely have a facebook page. Think of Twitter as constant status updates. However, the difference between tweets and status updates is that tweets are searchable (and most often less social-centric). There is an earthquake. Search it in Twitter and instantly see what people are saying within the minute after it happens. Probably even faster.

So what? It’s just another electronic, addictive social networking tool. Why should I use it? I don’t need to know everything!

Seriously though, why wouldn’t you want to “know everything”?

Taken from this blog, the writer sums up some common reasons why people use twitter:

  • “Its a search engine for life. You want to find people who like what you do? Search, listen and connect”
  • “Twitter is like mingling at a party with some people you know, others you don’t and many more you have to meet”
  • “Twitter is like personal hygiene. You only find out about the benefits after you start”

Did you know that the news of the plane that crashed into the Hudson River in New York a few years ago was broke by a tweet with a photo attached?

Did you know that much of the breaking news surrounding the Stanley Cup Riot was shared on Twitter before the news agencies even had their cameras packed?

We are the technology generation. We were posting photos on the internet before facebook was even invented. We knew what Ctrl-Alt-Dlt meant before our parents did. Now that we are getting older, we can’t become foreign to new technologies like the generation before us.

Start using Twitter because, though you may not know it now, it is one of the most influential tools our global society has ever developed. Revolutions have been faught because of Twitter. Idols such as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber have grown to global stardom because of Twitter. WikiLeaks has become a household name because of Twitter.

So, please, join Twitter.


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