UBC Rec and The Point Online Magazine

You may or may not know that I am now an assistant director at the Point online magazine that talks about all things REC! I begin my orientation today on campus and am psyched to learn about what rhetoric I will be spreading this fall!

I decided to get involved in REC because a friend from a few of my classes talked me into it, as she was volunteering for The Point at the time (and now is the director). I was unsure about the commitment and if it really was something I was interested in since I am not a very athletic or sporty person. I don’t watch sports, I rarely play sports, and going to the gym is something I dread. But the day before applications were due, I stopped by Storm the Wall on one of my breaks to watch. It looked like so much fun hanging out at the wall, sporting a cool red rain coat, blasting music, and drinking free chocolate milk. All the RECers looked like such good friends and I could only see smiles and laughter from across the knoll. That pretty much convinced me to submit an application and get involved. And it was an easy decision from there on out.

I would tell you more about my excitement/curiousity/nervousness/wonder/interest in working at The Point but I must go catch my bus out to UBC. Don’t want to be late on my first day!


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