Half way through the summer!

We are already half way through summer UBC friends!

Just gotta update on a few things! I just updated my “About” page with a bit of information about me and this blog… if you’re new to reading!

I’ve got a full time job working at the North Vancouver Community Arts Council as the Events and Programming Assistant. It’s Monday – Friday 9-5 with a few weekends thrown in there as well! It’s a pretty busy job but I am getting lots of experience planning, organizing, and running entire events, like our summer craft fairs! Definitely learning a lot about working in an office and how to take responsibility for entire projects. SO MUCH BETTER THAN RETAIL!!!

I’m still waiting on the housing waitlist.. currently #701. I moved down several hundred spots a few weeks ago but it seems the waitlist has stalled and I have barely budged in 2 weeks! I really hope I get an offer before the end of the summer; bussing for another year wouldn’t be the best option. Are you on the waitlist? How far have you moved down recently?

I get to register on July 12th, but as of today almost half my courses are almost full! A few only have 2 seats left! Unfortunetly they are 400 level courses so they filled up when 4th years got to register early. It is quite difficult making a decent schedule when you are a writing major because many courses are only offered in 1 timeslot.

I already bought my ticket to the opening night of Harry Potter 7 part 2 at Metrotown… reserved seating, UltraAVX technology, rocker seats, mega screen… CAN’T WAIT!!!

This summer has been pretty uneventful, even in the news… I mean nothing very significant has happened so far – no mega earthquakes, no assasinations, no atomic bombs dropped, no riots in the streets… oh WAIT, THOSE FLIPPIN RIOTS!

Are we over the riots yet? It seems everyone is still talking about them, and rightly so! I wish there had been harsher punishment for those UBC students who were caught up in it.. atleast suspension, delayed registration, something! Then I wondered how kids like that got into UBC in the first place…. Do you think there should have been consequences for the UBC students who rioted?

I am glad that Vancouver came around after wards and celebrated the way we always do, friendly and politely! Those “hooligans” really could have used some good ole’ Canadian manners.

Speaking of which, happy belated Canada Day!


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