A Look Back

I was just thinking about this time last year, when I was waiting to hear if I had gotten into UBC. It was a really nerve wracking time because UBC was pretty much my only option for the fall. I DID NOT want to go back to Cap for another year; I wanted to start moving forward and getting on with what I really wanted to do.

Ever heard the saying, “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”? Well I had, but ignored it entirely when I made my entire course schedule for UBC when I didn’t even know for sure that I was going there. It was pretty stupid of me, because if I hadn’t have gotten in, that would have been a great waste of time and a build up of hopes.

I think sometime in April or May UBC sent me an email saying that they could not admit me at this time but that I was on a waiting list. Obviously I was freaking out. So, I tried to do everything I could: I went to meet with an admissions officer and even wrote a letter stating why I should go to UBC and pleading my case of why I was applying.

It was a long few months of waiting until one warm day in June when I was eating lunch on the deck with my mom when the phone rang. I went inside to answer it, saw the UBC caller ID and immediately my heart jumped. The girl on the phone started talking and then she said “we read your letter, and have you checked your application status recently?” Yes I had checked it that morning and it said I was still on a waiting list. “Okay, so you already know that you’ve been accepted”. Blank pause. What?! Actually, no I didn’t know that. “Okay, well you have been accepted, you just need to confirm”. I was freaking out and felt like screaming. I couldn’t talk to this lady any longer without laughing out in joy. I quickly hung up and ran outside to my mom and burst into tears. I got in!!

I am thinking about all the folks that desperately want to go to UBC next year but haven’t heard back, or are on a waitlist. I know how excruciating it can be. Do everything you can to get in because it really is worth it.

Good luck with your applications, courses, and summer – I know I’ll see you next year :)


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