The Royal Wedding Makes Everything Crazier

Lindsay Lohan’s going back to jail.

Prince William and Kate are getting married in a week!

I only have one exam left!

I’m going to California and Disneyland in two weeks!

I still need to find a job!

Eeek, there is so much to do and think about! My brain has already started summer vacation evidently, because it wouldn’t let me study much today.

But besides all those stressful things, a few good things have happened in the last while since I abandoned my blog to be a slave to school.

  • I got a volunteer job to be UBC Rec’s Assistant Director for The Point online magazine! If you’ve never heard of The Point, you can find them on facebook and on the UBC Rec website! They’re your source for articles, pictures, and news for everything REC!
  • I got a small summer job to be an English Tutor! I’m very excited about this, yet also a little nervous because I’ve never tutored before. It doesn’t give me too many hours though, so I am on the prowl for something else! Rawr.
  • I have applied to some really exciting jobs, like being a reading assistant for the Kid’s Summer Book Club at the my local library, a Programming and Events Assistant at the North Vancouver Community Arts Council, and also a position at the North Shore Multicultural Society. And about 1000 more.  But seriously, I need to hear back from at least one of these guys.

So, the horizon is looking a little foggy for me right now but I am very hopeful that things will pick up and fall into place soon.

And I am super excited about Disneyland, sunshine, and warmth! This April has been so cold! Any cool ideas for stuff to do in Anaheim or L.A? Oh! We also got tickets to go to a Jay Leno taping! I know… not my favourite late night host, but Fallen films in NY.

If you’re done exams or finishing up (maybe your last one is the same as mine: EOSC 118??), then I hope everyone has a great summer! I hope to be back on here frequently, because, like money, UBC never sleeps. Trust me, I know. It’s a fact.



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