The Future and Everything that Counts

My mom was telling me today that she wishes she had taken off after highschool to travel and go on adventures and take in all of life that you can’t once you get older and are bound by responsibilities. But instead she went to school, got a good job, got married, and had kids, all before age 30.

So what’s right?

My argument was that sure, you can take off and travel and go on adventures, but when you come back at age 27, will you have motivation to go to school?

Or will you just settle as the manager of some grocery store, maybe then get married and have kids later in life?

You’ve probably got no money left for school, you’re friends have already come and gone through post-secondary, and let’s face it, you’d feel kind of sad being the oldest “kid” in your classes.

So, you settle for your low pay job. You pay the mortgage of your Abbotsford house. You raise a few kids and just get by.

So mom, good plan?


What's Your Opinion?

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