Adventures of the Absent Minded Student

So at about 9:30am this morning I realized I had began my day with a great start (just kidding).

Let me go back to the beginning…

It’s 8:00am and I enter my bedroom after stuffing down a bagel. I notice the time and remind myself that I have to leave the house in approximately 18 minutes. I am not dressed nor do I have make up on. So the race against time begins.

First things first… I have to pee. So, you know, I go ahead and do that and then notice that I have no toilet paper. So I rush to the laundry room and reload.

8:04 – Brush my teeth.
8:05 – Wash my face and apply moisturizer
8:07 – put make-up on and brush hair
8:11 – I notice a hang nail that must be picked at asap.
8:12 – Figure out what to wear – jeans and t-shirt (simple enough)
8:13 – realize I have gone up a belt loop. Refuse to wear belt if it is too tight and refuse to adjust to bigger size. Go beltless.
8:15 – brush my hair
8:16 – grab textbook that needs to be returned and find receipt, pile with cellphone by my door
8:18 – pull up pants which are falling down and take final look in the mirror
8:19 – freak out when I see the clock and grab book and receipt and run downstairs
8:19 – put things in backpack and rush myself and my cousin out the door
8:24 – speed walking up street towards bus stop. Bus passes us. We run and chase it.
8:25 – luckily bus has stopped and we get on.
8:45 – I open my back pack pocket and notice I have forgotten my wallet. Curse under breath. This will make returning book and buying new books difficult
9:19 – At UBC. Accidently fill mug too full with tea boiling water. Put lid on and boiling water spills all over hand. It’s hot.
9:40 – Think about watching a quick show on my computer before class starts. Open my bag, find my computer sleeve. Find that I forgot my computer. MY COMPUTER!
9:45 – I whine for a few minutes until it hits me that I will have to write notes all day long with pen and paper. I will not be able to download TV shows on the hub nor watch anything. I realize I must face the day head on, stand tall, be strong, and try to cope for 8 hours with no money and no computer.

11:05 – I feel like a medieval peasant.


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