New Years Resolutions for 2011

1. Teach myself to read on bus without vomiting

2. Keep up with daily/weekly readings for all courses without falling behind

3. Do not watch mindless television when said readings have not been finished

4. Only watch television in following circumstances: New episodes of Glee, One Tree Hill, Modern Family, and Grey’s Anatomy, or in case of pending mental breakdown due to said readings

5. Take notes on all said readings with new handy lined post-its I bought at staples

6. Reduce Facebook status updates to minimum 1 per day unless bored/sharing news/or asking for help in case of mental breakdown

7. Eat more salad

8. Eat less stale rice crispy squares from UBC caf

9. Minimize video viewing on netbook during breaks between courses. This time is for reading. Or eating.

10. Make one friend in each of my classes

11. Complete Hard level sudoku in under 5 minutes

12. Ace all my courses to achieve an 85% average for the year and make Dean’s List (only can be done by doing readings)

13. Be accepted to both English and Creative Writing majors

14. Reduce cursing under breath at Georgia St. bus stop – people most likely can hear me and it will not make the 246 run on time nor keep me warm

15. Get a summer job not in the retail industry, making atleast $12 an hour.


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