My 15 Booky Wooks

Booklist came out a few weeks ago.

I have to buy 15 books.


Average cost of a book, about $70.

You do the math.

Well I went to the bookstore and bought all the books I needed that they had and here’s my #1 beef:

POLI 260 with Allen Sens requires I buy a package of books written by… Allen Sens. These two books are about 2 inches thick (pretty small) and soft cover – about the size of a fiction novel. How much? $200. Two books – $200. While the other section of POLI 260’s book is about $45. How much money is Mr. Sens making off his one section of intro to global politics? Well I took to my SSC to find out.

This here is investigative journalism at its best.

(minus publishing costs)

One wonders why a professor would set his course material at such a high price. As if being a UBC professor didn’t pay enough.

I’d just like to mention that this isn’t anything against Sens in particular as according to “rate my prof” he is a fabulous prof and that is why I chose HIS section not the other one, so hopefully the $200 will be worth it.

All together, my term 2 books are about $600 and I bought half of them on Amazon (including Sens’ books which I later returned to the store and bought on Amazon for $50 off). Now you science kids might think this is a low sum… but I’m an English Major!

Cheerio, kiddies.


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