Christmas Eve Eve!

Well Well Well, It’s Christmas Eve Eve! Presents lay under the tree, stockings lay in a pile on the couch (as my mother thinks it’s inappropriate to hang them at the fireplace before christmas eve), and the cupboards are full of baking!

I got woken out of a beautiful sleep after a… err.. night of partying…. and decided that my blog was getting a little dusty. So consider it swiffered!

I am excited for Xmas! Except for all the family things… I love my family and sometimes I actually like hanging out with my parents more than my friends, but when we get the big group together, you know grandma, aunts and uncles, etc, sometimes family tensions can ruin a perfectly happy day. Doesn’t every family have these problems? Dad gets stressed in the kitchen and then drinks too much, Grandma’s passive aggressiveness doesn’t seem so passive anymore, you know the drill!

But somehow Christmas always shines for me. My parents hate it and would rather just go to Israel or something or convert to Jahovus Witness (sorry if I spelt that wrong).

Anyway I should get off now. Tata!


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