Taking care of Puppalove

Good evening everyone!

Wow I am so tired tonight! I am looking after the house this week because my parents have gone to Hawaii so I have had to take care of my dog this weekend.
My dog is incredibly high maintenance. Let me tell you about Maggie, my West Highland White Terrior.
Maggie got very sick with a fungal disease she picked up at our summer cottage that attacked her lungs when she was just a few months old. She was on the verge of dying so we had to change alot of stuff like switch her to a raw diet and make her take all sorts of medicines. Particularly, homeopathic type remedies. She even had acupuncture!
So finally she got rid of the disease, which is called Blasto, and now she is 9 years old. But she still eats raw food because it is the healthiest food a dog can eat. Dogs really shouldn’t eat many typed of kibble because they contain fillers like rice and grains, but rice and grains are not traditionally part of a dog’s diet. We try to keep Maggie’s diet close to a wild dog’s.
But then she became allergic to all the regular types of meat like chicken and beef. So now she eats Rabbit, Sole, Kangaroo, Emu, ostrich… and other weird things. She also has to take vitamin c, probiotics, and eat vegetables to keep her healthy.
She also gets the priviledge of sleeping in my parents bed with them every night, so when they go away… she wants to sleep with me.
But I hate having her crowd my tiny twin sized bed! So this equals a lack of sleep.
Maggie is pretty much the queen of our household. She gets kisses, hugs, soo much love, cuddles, treats, and alot of fruits and vegetables (more than I get). Because we almost lost her, she is just the most precious little princess in the world. The nicknames I call her include Bubba, Puppalove, baby, babylove, babycakes, baba, sweet thang, and lovey.
But today she made me tired.
Now she is back at Nana’s for the next 5 days because I can’t take care of her during the school week.


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