Hey everyone! I haven’t written in a while!

As October is midterm month, November is term paper month. At least this term I luckily only have one to write!

I’ve also noticed that I’ve missed TGIF Web Video of the Week for 2 weeks. Kinda lame.

Here’s a quick update about the things I’ve been up to:

1. I was making a UBC Lipdub – and now I’m not. Dreams have been shattered, hearts have been broken, the meaning of life has been taken away.

2. That’s all.

I’ve also been just slightly disappointed in the quality of recent Modern Family episodes. I am watching this season concurrently with the first season and so far last season has been way funnier. Maybe it’s just because I watch it at school and because of that it just seems funnier. I really think last season was just funnier. If you watch Modern Family, what have you been thinking? Is it going downhill already? Didn’t it just win like 20 Emmy’s? Or is it going to last 10 seasons like Friends? I hope it’s just in a rut.


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