Taylor Swift’s Diary

At 7:15am this morning I became the proud owner of Taylor Swift’s new album. By now, most of you probably know that I am kinda a big Taylor Swift fan. Well I sure have reason to be! This cd is probably the best album I have heard since The Killer’s Hot Fuss. Hot Fuss was great because of the instrumental creativity and the epicness of their songs. Speak Now is fabulous because of Taylor’s lyrical creativity. Every song makes me try to link it to something I know about her life like a mystery novel. What guy is she talking about? Taylor Lautner? Joe Jonas? Cory Montieth? John Mayer?

But then I realized that before Taylor Swift became so big I used to listen to her songs and think about how they connect to my life.  That is the beauty of her lyrics – they transcend their meaning, they transform into what you want them to mean. Taylor Swift is a genius with her lyrics. Her diary pages are the diary pages of every other girl out there and to listen to your diary sung with as much grace and fluidity as Taylor sings it, makes you connect with Taylor like she is your best friend.

I was thinking on the bus when I was listening to the album that for all the guys out there that do not understand a girl’s liking to Taylor Swift, they should compare it to their liking for Eminem. What Eminem is to guys, Taylor Swift is to girls.

I very much encourage EVERYONE to pick up the cd, or download it illegally. I never buy cd’s but I felt very sure about donating my money to a cause – the cause is bringing the diaries of girls around the world into the spotlight and letting them see that there is always someone writing the same story.


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