Sunday Night Long Distance Phone Calls

Hey everybody! Just check-check-checkin in from my family room on this cold Sunday night. It’s been such a crazy weekend because of all my midterms and projects coming up this week and next week. A few things happen that I’d like to share.

One might call me a bit of a computer geek. This person who calls me a computer geek is probably computer illiterate because compared to a computer geek, I am computer illiterate.  But anyway, let’s say that I’m a bit of a computer geek. On Saturday, I spent all day figuring out how to wirelessly transfer files from my home laptop (my sony vaio, i.e. My Baby) to my school netbook (the annoying slow machine that makes up for itself in lack of weight). It’s so cool. It’s like those things they show you in Windows 7 commercials that you think “Ya like I’m every gonna figure out how to do that!”. Well I figured it out! Turns out the only thing which caused a problem was my Kaspersky anti-virus. I had to disable it for a while there. But anyway, it’s super cool. It’s like I have 1 computer now. DOOOPPPE! Another geeky computer thing I did on Saturday since I was kind of on a roll was convert all the movies I’ve downloaded from the hub to a format that allows me to burn them in widescreen and then I burned them all onto dvd’s! I feel like a piracy freak, but thats okay.

Tonight I made a long distance call to my bestie friend Coreen who goes to UVIC (booo!) because I haven’t talked to her in a while. It’s really hard keeping in contact with people when you both have totally crazy schedules and you never know when a good time to call is. And she sucks at facebook so that’s why I call. Anyway, we talked about midterms and weekends and how hungover she is from last night and how I didn’t go out all weekened, how how similar she is to her mom, and all those fun things. But it got me thinking that I haven’t made any friends at UBC yet. I mean, I haven’t hung out with anybody I didn’t know before going.  It’s a bit disappointing, but I also don’t see how I can fit in the time since I don’t live anywhere near campus! Gahhhh it’s a catch 22.

I’m most likely joining the productions part of Film Society where we crew together to make a couple short films over the year. However, whoever organized the schedule for workshops must not be in many classes because they span over the same two weeks as midterms.  Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I will make the time. I. Will. Make. THE. TIME. Gahhhhh!! Also it costs $10. Like I have that kinda money… geesh. But, no. I am joining. I will join. I promise I will join. I promise I will go to the workshop tomorrow and join.

I better go and ask my mom for $10.


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