Nothing Blogworthy

So I realize that this week my blog has been somewhat depressing, i.e No posts! What can explain my lack of feeling the need to share all the glorious things that go on in my life? The fact that nothing glorious has happened this week. In fact it has been quite the opposite…
1. My midterms and midterm projects start next week so my mind has been very preoccupied thinking about those. No no no I haven’t been actually studying for them. Just thinking about them

2. Even though the weekend was only 1 day longer than usual I have found it very hard to get back into the swing of things. School seems all consuming, bussing seems painfully slow, my ipod seems ridiculously boring, even Grey’s Anatomy didn’t excite me last night.

So there folks is the reason my blog has been more of a bore this week.

But like every Friday: It’s TGIF Web Video of the Week!

This video was popular at the beginning of the summer but it still deserves a play!


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