If you didn’t know what rain sounded like before…

You do now!

Atleast if you’re not originally from Vancouver.

All I can say is, GET USED TO IT!

Everything you’ve heard is true.

Everything you dread is true.

It will rain more than 50% of the time until your year at UBC is over.  I actually don’t know the exact statistics but from 19 years of experience I can almost guarantee that you will go through atleast one, maybe two, umbrellas. If you’re really ditzy and leave them on buses, then probably more like ten.

Gumboots would be a wise investment, and lucky for you, they’re also in style. Unlucky for me… I’ve lived here all my life and THIS is the first time they’ve been in style.

Planning outdoor activities more than 24 hours in advance is a really bad idea. The weathermen are always wrong, at least when they call for sun. When they call for rain they always seem to get it right… Weird.

When it’s sunny out – Go out. If you’re studying for an exam, skip it. If you HAVE an exam, skip it.

If you can’t sleep because the rain is too loud, don’t buy earplugs. Just get used to it.

Happy Thanksgiving UBC!!


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