Let’s Discuss the Barber Learning Centre for a sec.

I sit in Chapman’s Learning Commons as I write this.

Here in Barber, there is for sure a lot to look at. There is a girl in front of me who is watching what I believe to be an asian soap opera on a library computer. I must give her credit for having the lady balls to do this. Let’s then look at the line up of people waiting for a computer…


Here’s the thing about Barber: if you come in any later than 10:58am (for an 11am break) you are most likely shit out of luck for finding a place to sit. My trick – and I am hesitant to post this in the unfortunate event that someone actually reads it and takes my idea – is book it as quickly as I can to the Ridington Reading Room which at this time of year seems to be relatively unknown (to first years). Not only is it DEAD quiet, but there always seems to be a comfy chair and an ottoman available to put your feet up on.

Here’s another thing about Barber: there are soooooo many doors that you’re not allowed to open. I want to get out of the bookstacks on the third floor, but for some strange reason the door is not to be opened and I have to walk down to the 2nd floor and then get out. Does this make sense? No. Simply put, it’s easy to get frustrated in Barber.

Beyond all this – Barber rocks!

(Has anyone tried studying in the aquatic centre?)


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