Sorority, Homework, Classes, and Devil Profs

You guys may be wondering what ever happened to the sorority thing. Well, I made it up till Saturday feeling 50/50 about joining one. I felt this way mostly because of the time commitments I was worried about since I don’t live on campus. Ironically, it was because I dont live on campus that I wanted to join one! Anyway, Saturday night I was feeling sick with a cold and I knew that Sunday would be about a 15 hour day out of the house to go to preferences so I decided not to go and forfit my opportunity. I don’t exactly know yet if this was a good idea or not. What I do know is that since it was only the 2nd week of school and I spent the majority of the weekend doing homework, I expect to be very busy keeping those grades up this term and more so next term. I might not have mentioned but these are the courses I’m taking this term (in order of appearance):
Engl 223 – American Literature
Geog 121 – Geography, Modernity, and Globalization I
Eosc 114 – Natural Disasters
FiPr 234 – Production Planning and Practices
Crwr 206 – Intro to Screenwriting

Holla at me if anyone’s taking these courses! (Or if you did take this course last year or something)

On another note – I’m not sure how happy UBC would be if I ranted and raved about one of my professors on here… but OMG I hate one of my professors (actually he’s a TA, but since my real prof is on medical leave for this month he is teaching our class)! He is actually mean! And he never fails to jab people every class who like to take notes on laptops. He makes us (laptop users) sit in the very back row of class and then makes the rest of the people move right up to the front. I think the fact that I would prefer to have ALL my notes on my computer rather than half in a notebook and half on a computer is a pretty reasonable belief. If he had outright banned laptops at the beginning like other profs, there wouldn’t be a problem. But I will not give him the satisfaction of switching to pen and paper. AND he makes THE WORST notes I have ever seen. It’s horrible. I’m not gonna lie, the thing that bugs me the most is his annoying goatee thing and his long pointy nose. He actually looks like this guy – except he also has a moustache.

That’s all for today.


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