Why Lady Gaga Bugs Me

There has to be atleast one reader who agrees that Lady Gaga is annoying. SO ANNOYING. So here I have compiled a list of why Lady Gaga bugs me:

1. She wears stupid costumes to get attention
She never wears jeans likea normal person
She wears perfectly good meat on her body when there are people in Africa who would die for that meat – but now it’s too late because it’s covered in Gaga B.O and hair and glitter no doubt
Her songs aren’t even thaaaat good. Like Just Dance? Pretty sure there are like 100 other songs written about the same thing
She gets way too overplayed because of all the attention she gets because of her weird costumes
Her story isn’t even good. She grew up on the Upper East Side and went to a fancy arts school. Okay, if she grew up in a polygamist family, then broke free and was saved by a friendly stranger who just happened to be a long lost aunt who was so amazed by Gaga’s sheer talent that she sold her own house to buy them a one way ticket to a L.A to see a record company… then maybe I would like her more.
Her name is Lady Gaga. WTF does that mean?
She always acts really humble and innocent in public but I bet she is actually really entitled and snobby – hence Upper East Side upbringing
Perez Hilton (+ many many other gays) are obsessed with her. It makes me feel bad for Tori Spelling who is probably getting way less attention now
Apparently her concerts aren’t even that good.


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