Happy Friday!

Woooo! First week of school is done! I hope everybody has a fun night tonight, especially if you are going to the ams concert/bbq! If not, remember to be safe and be yourself. Especially you first years – this weekend is your first chance to show your new friends the real you, so don’t think you have to get black out drunk to fit in. But, hey, if that’s your thing then you should get drunk because then you’ll become friends with the other kids that like getting drunk and you’ll probably have fun. A saying I like is “Don’t should all over yourself”. Don’t say “I should be partying tonight cuz im in college now” or “I should be hooking up with that frat guy to prove myself”. As corny and cliche as it sounds, just follow your heart.
Personally, I will be eating dinner with my parents and staying in. Then I have sorority recruitment from 10-4 tomorrow, so if you’re going, I’ll see you there!


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