Hub Hallelujah!

K I don’t know if I spelt hallelujah right. I go to church like once every two years. For Christmas.

Anyway… I’ve got the hub all set up on my computer, which means downloading and piracy heaven. Dear Lords of Free Movie and Tv Shows, I am thankful for the abundance of selection you have provided me with as well as the vast download speeds you maintain. Dear Users such as Alcoholic (In recovery?), Uav, and Pritch; your terabites of files have fully equipped me for long breaks in the library when I am too tired/stressed/bored to study and read. You have now given me the ability to catch up on those episodes of Entourage season 3 I haven’t seen. And finally the opportunity to watch Schindler’s List – with the Spielberg commentary. If there is anyone else out there on campus who has not been blessed by the Hub in all its glory – I pray for you.

All you have to do is download DC++ (google it) and then you want to connect to I cant give you very detailed instructions because I’m at home right now and not connected to UBCsecure but instructions are widely available by people on campus or online. They also come with the DC++ program. Happy downloading!


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