A Post Related to UBC…

So, I’ve got orientation on Tuesday. I’m not a first year, although this is my first year at UBC, but I’m in the first year orientations. My group is named Feist. I hope it doesnt rain… the forecast says it will.

I’m also kinda worried because I’ve been getting a really dry throat alot so I hope I’m not getting sick.

And on a more interesting note… I’m thinking of trying to join a sorority. All I’ve ever heard about them is the stereotypical stuff like raging parties and promiscuous sex, but I think it’s worth a try to see what they’re really like because although I’m sure some aspects of sororities are what I might expect, I bet that most of it is not what I thought. I’m going into it hoping for good friendships and support. I might have mentioned I’m not the biggest party animal. I’m the type of person that gets more out of small group or one on one socializing instead of a rocous group of 10 or more people talking about unimportant stuff. Meh we’ll see how it goes. I say that it’s worth a shot.


2 responses to “A Post Related to UBC…

  1. I didn’t know there was a financial commitment to it! Well, obviously, I expected a couple bucks here and there, but nothing extreme. Do you happen to know about how much it costs? BTW thanks for the info! I’ve registered for the tours so I will get a taste of it this weekend.

  2. Hey,

    Just a bit of information about joining a sorority. I have some friends who really enjoy the experience, but others who just couldn’t stand it. The financial and time commitment are very large and seeing as you like small groups, it may not be the best thing.

    Take a look around at Imagine and on clubs days, there are a ton of different places where you can get involved that give you access to small groups of awesome, passionate people.

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