The Emmy’s and woah it’s September

So, I know most people probably think watching award shows are pretty much the most boring thing on on a Sunday night, but that’s not me. I get excited like weeks ahead of time. I dont know why, don’t ask me. I think it’s something about the fact that all these people who worked so hard over the past year at their passion are crammed into this elegant theatre and there is so much excitement and happiness and so many dreams coming true that it just kind of rubs off on me. I mean think about it. A guy begins life as a regular kid. He starts to grow up and realizes that he loves television. He watches TV all the time, but doesn’t really watch it, but analyzes it, studies it. Then he decides that the thing in life that would make him happy would be to create his own tv show. And don’t forget, he’s just a regular guy like you and me. He goes to school, takes some courses, works some crappy jobs, and feels like he’s going nowhere in life. His dream feels farther and farther away. Then one day, he gets an opportunity to go meet some head honcho at some studio. Then he works some more crappy jobs but his dream is getting closer. Flash forward a few years and this kid is sitting in that elegant theatre in a tuxedo with the camera zoomed in on his face while the nominations are being read. That’s what I think about when I watch the Emmy’s. It makes me feel like it could be me. It could be anyone.

Here’s a unecessary but necessary little tip: Guys, remember to go after your dreams, whatever they are. If you want to be an astronaut, you do everything you can to become an astronaut. Don’t settle for something else because it’s easier or you make more money at it. Think about what you’d want people to say at your funeral.

Take a minute to watch this old video I dug up and you should know what I’m talking about.


BTW: Did you know its September 1st??


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