Housing Application

So I’ve been checking regularly on the status of my housing waitlist and today I am number 2768. You may laugh, but in June I was 5700th.  So If I can move 3000 places in 2 months, I’d say there is an alright chance I’ll be in by Christmas. The thing is though, I’m not sure I even want to live in residence. I like living at home, you know having my own comfy bed with my pretty view, my own bathroom with a bathtub, a big kitchen full of food I like, and a nice tv with digital cable and video on demand. But will all those things be worth it when I have to sit on a bus for 2+ hours a day and I can’t do much on Friday and Saturday nights because the last bus up to my house is at 1am? Plus, I only have so much money put away for school and living out at UBC will burn through that money pretty quick. Basically, being so far down on the housing waitlist is a blessing, giving me more time to decide on what’s best for me.


What's Your Opinion?

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